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Mo Azz, Byron Long

Mo Azz is an aptly named black BBW diva, and she knows exactly how to get a dude’s attention. She brings in her luggage and bends over in front of Byron Long. He looks kind of tired at first, but seeing that ass right in his face is making him pop a boner like no other. He is stiff as a board and happy as hell with the view, although he also wants to make sure that he gets to slam his meat deep into that slit. He just loves touching the way she wraps around his weiner, and her chubby body is even more attractive as it bounces around.

Dimples, Dwayne Cummings

Dimples is the type of bbw black woman that you’d love to have at the end of your meatstick. She’s nicely chubby, with curves in all the right places and a bit of chub here and there, but she also has the sexy figure that shows she’s just naturally thick. Dwayne Cummings loves black beauties of all shapes and sizes, but even he admits that the bbw dark amateurs are far more likely to give him a proper dong sucking than any of the other babes. He just loves having her run her mouth up and down his dong, although he loves fucking her even more.

Milk Shaker, Snapps

Light skinned ebony BBW whore Snapps brought her case full of goodies to this party, and she was steaming up because she was horny as hell! She rubbed some lotion on her thick body, and all over those meaty cannons of hers, making her brown nipples stand out. That got her so horny that she pulled out her thick dildo from her bag and plunged it inside of her vag! When Milk Shaker saw what she was doing, her slot started dripping down her leg, and she decided to give her a helping hand with that toy. They took turns banging each other with it, and then went backside to booty and beaver to pussy to put that double shaft to good use.