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Vanessa Blake, Will Powers

Sly bastard, Will Powers has just come over to Vanessa Blake’s house to do an ASSessment to see if she’s chunky enough for his weight loss program. Vanessa is shaped like a ketchup bottle, thin on top, but her ass? Well, it’s fucking stacked to the max! During one of her back bends, she feels Will’s shlong jabbing her in the rump! Convinced that sex is indeed the best calorie-burning workout ever, she wastes no time sucking and choking on his long wang. After the warm-up, Will mounts Vanessa and fucks her out doggy-style with this lard-anus bitch taking all 12-inches of his thrusting fury. After about 30,000 pounding reps, he blasts his ejaculate every-goddamn-where!

Lana, Szilard

Lana is a BBW brunette that has plenty of folds to slip your dickhead in, large natural boobs that will make your cock hard instantly, and a hard working attitude towards sex that has her happy for hours in the sack. Szilard can’t keep his eyes off of this huge beauty, and he gets her naked outside. They don’t need to find anywhere comfortable to fuck, because Lana’s chubby keeps her cushioned on the hard ground. Her snatch is so soaked through by the time he starts banging her that its like a slip and slide.

Black BBW Justice Gives Good Head

Justice looks like a deer caught in the headlights of a car as she sucks on Dwayne Cummings’ hard shlong. Her perfect, caramel skin glows in the spotlight and you can tell this diva loves nothing better than blowing cock. She leans back on the bed and her large juggs fall to either side of her body. Dwayne rams his wang into her juicy cooche and begins slaming her love tunnel. She leans forward so her can screw her hard from behind. She licks her own fuckhole juice from his shaft. She hops on top of him and rides him, grinding her body into his as she gets off. Then she bends under his dong with her mouth open to catch his cum.